Hosting a Party? Read the FAQ's to help make your event a success!


Not all of my party guests & chaperones play pinball, do they still have to be counted as admission?

All guests attending museum parties must be paid for, whether they choose to play pinball or not. There are many exhibits, artworks and historical background information that you and your guests can engage with throughout the museum, even if you or they do not wish to play pinball. Parents, guardians and chaperones are encouraged to interact and share the museum experience and pinball play with their children.

We do not charge admission for toddlers, infants (0-4 years of age), or the extreme elderly (85+)

**You may wish to submit a guest list to the Front Desk naming people you wish to pay for in your tally, and ask any extra guests to pay for their own admission of $15.

Click Here To Download Guestlist Form

***Parents dropping off children for a party will not be tallied.

Can I decorate the room?

Our party room is decorated with murals and artwork, so there is no space on the wall to hang decorations. We allow tableclothes, table top decorations and helium balloons. Nothing may be attached to the walls or ceiling. **No open flame pillar candles, confetti, silly string or Pinatas please! (Birthday candles on the cake are OK)

How much does it cost to rent a space for a party or event?

Please refer to our Field Trips, Parties, & Galas page on the website for more information about room rental pricing and options. Please fill out the request form to begin the reservation process.

Can I have alcohol at my party?

Alcohol is allowed in the Private Party Room ONLY! No alcohol is allowed in the public portion of the museum, unless you are renting the entire musem for a private gala event.

Alcohol may not be sold on the premises.
Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the PPM facility and on Webster St. within 25 feet of ALL business front and rear doors. Alameda Smoking Violation can result in a $200 fine. This applies to Cannabis as well! Renter accepts full responsibility for the behavior of its guests and children at its event. Public intoxication will not be tolerated. Any persons exhibiting drunk or aggressive behaviors will be removed from the premises without a refund.

How early can I come to set up my party?

Clients may arrive and begin set up no earlier than their contracted reservation time. Renters must clean up and vacate the rented room at the appointed contracted time, or risk a $100 surcharge.

Renters who book the museum for the 11 AM slot will not be allowed into the museum until it opens at 11 AM.

What Happens If I am late for my reservation?

If you are late for your party reservation, the party room must still be vacated at the appointed, contracted time. Absolutely no discounts or refunds will be given due to renter lateness.

Can I bring a large group without renting a party room?

In order to better serve you, groups of 10-20 people need to alert the museum via the contact form here: at least 24 hours in advance of the proposed arrival date & time.

The museum is often booked with parties and large crowds on the weekends, and this can affect visitor experience. Unannounced groups may be asked to wait if the museum is too crowded. There is no outside food or alcohol allowed unless you are renting a party room. We provide a soda machine, candy machine & water fountain. Our In & Out policy let’s you go and explore neighborhood parks, stores, bars and eateries. Coffee & Smoothies OK! Groups of more than 20 must reserve a party room here:

Where can I park during our party?

There is a city-run metered parking lot behind the museum with entrances on Santa Clara and Haight streets. There is also 2-hour metered parking on Webster Street. There is free parking residential streets on either side of Webster Street.

Please note that on Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a Farmer's Market from 8am - 2pm on Haight Street and in 1/2 of the parking lot which impacts museum parking.

Party hosts and caterers may load and unload supplies at the museum rear exit door (parking lot), after checking in at the Museum front desk. Please do not block doorway or traffic area with your car. All hosts and party guests must check in at the front desk.

How many and what size are the tables in each party room?

The party room has three 8 foot rectangle folding tables for seating and up to 30 chairs. There is also a bar table for drinks and an 8 foot table for food. The room can accomodate a maximum of 40 people for casual standing/seating and dining. For groups/parties of 41-175, you may rent the entire museum. To book a party or field trip to the museum, please visit our Field Trips, Parties & Galas page.

How many people can the party room hold and what are the amenities?

Our party room accommodates up to 40 people MAXIMUM. Table seating is available for 24 to 30 people. The room has a table for food and a bar with drink tubs for cooling your drinks. We do not provide ice, refrigeration, or allow heating appliances. All people who attend the party are counted in the guest tally whether they choose to play pinball or not. A clean up sink is located in the back corner of the party room, next to the mural. There is a mini fridge in the room near the front door.

What else does the museum offer?

Pacific Pinball Parties offer unlimited pinball play, jukeboxes, step stools, tables and chairs, clean up sink, 2 drink tubs, bar table and a private party room with bluetooth speaker with access to restrooms and vending machines. There are also self guided tours, mini-tournaments and a Pinball scavenger hunt for those who need more than pinball play. We also have a S.T.E.A.M activities/chill room with toys and coloring supplies for children.

Who does Pacific Pinball recommend for food and catering?

Pacific Fine Food Catering: Aurora Catering: Extreme Pizza: Wes Cafe: East Ocean: Neptunes: Grocery Outlet .

How do I add more time to my party reservation?

If you wish to add more time to your reservation, you must book two (2) time slots in a row. If you wish to book a bit more space, please email us at for details and rates

Download Guestlist

Downloadable Guest List

How are you handling the Corona Virus Scare?

Thanks for celebrating with us! We run a very clean establishment, with game glass wiped down each day with 70% rubbing alcohol, and flipper buttons wiped down with bleach wipes. Hand sanitizer is available in every room, and restrooms are cleaned daily. Party room tables and chairs are wiped down with bleach wipes after each party. Beyond that, we cannot guarantee that engaging in any public activities will keep you safe from illness. *Please note that if the museum must close due to an outbreak, any parties or events booked during the closure dates will be fully refunded or rescheduled.

How do I receive the $25 Good Behavior Discount?

Receive $25 off your final party bill with the Good Behavior Discount IT’S EASY - JUST FOLLOW THE RULES ! Good Behavior Checklist: Separate your Trash Responsibly: Stack Pizza boxes next to receptacles, separate your recycling and trash into the correct containers Dump Ice into parking lot planting areas and not in the sink Clean up excessive messes on the carpet, and leave the room tidy-like you found it Keep all party food and alcoholic beverages in the rear portion of the museum Do not tape party decorations to the walls or ceiling Do not stand on tables and chairs Police your children throughout the museum and in the party areas: Well behaved children DO NOT: Run in the museum, crawl under machines or behind murals, vandalise the candy machine, rough house or exhibit other rude behaviors that disturb the staff or other museum guests. Parents will receive one warning only! Respect our games, murals and exhibits Vacate the party room at your contracted time


Renter's Responsibilities

  • An hourly rate of $100 will be charged for overtime. Renters may only add time if no other parties are scheduled.

  • Renter responsibilities include, cleaning up all decorations, throwing trash all away in respective recycling and trash containers and other excessive messes made by rental party.

  • At the end of the rental term the renter will be responsible for removing renter’s materials from the premises.

  • Pacific Pinball Museum is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items – please secure any valuables.

  • Renter will observe all state and municipal fire, safety and health codes and regulations. At no time will renter block fire exits with property or equipment. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the PPM facility and on Webster Street.

  • Renters holding functions involving minors is requested to provide a minimum of 1 chaperone over age 18 for every 5 minors.

  • Renter accepts full responsibility for the behavior of its guests and children at its event. Public intoxication will not be tolerated. Any persons exhibiting inebriation or aggressive behaviors will be removed from the premises without a refund. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the rented Rented Room only, and not in the public portion of the museum.

  • If Renter is late for a party reservation, the party room must still be vacated at the appointed, contracted time if other parties are scheduled for that room. Absolutely no discounts or refunds will be given due to renter tardiness.

  • Renters may arrive no earlier than 11am. and must vacate the room at the contracted time, or risk losing their deposit.

  • No decorations may be attached to the walls or ceiling. No confetti, silly string, pinatas or open flame candles allowed.

  • PPM does not provide refrigeration or heating appliances. Steam tables and hot plate use must have prior written notice.


Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are due at time of booking. Dates are confirmed when deposit is paid. Cancellations received more than 14 days before event date are fully refunded; Cancellations 14 to 7 days before event date are refunded 75%. No refunds are given for cancellations received less than 7 days before event date.


Are there any special museum rules?

These rules apply to all patrons of the Pacific Pinball Museum. Please: Respect the games! No Hitting, slapping or kicking Please: Don’t Hog the games! If people are waiting to play, finish your game and move on. Please: Keep it Fun For Everyone! Maintain a close eye on your children and respect all museum guests. Please: Keep it Clean! All Party Food, and Party drinks must stay in your rented party room. Alcoholic Beverages are not allowed in the public portion of the museum. Please: Stay Safe! No running or disorderly behavior. Please: Mind the Clock! Vacate the party room at the contracted time, or be prepared to pay for an extra hour. Please: Snapshots are fine but no commercial photography allowed without prior written consent.