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Old Chicago

Artist: Dave Christensen
John Youssi

Old Chicago

Old Chicago leans into the sordid history of organized crime that dominated Chicago in the 1930’s. John Dillinger was responsible for 12 bank robberies and several daring escapes, drawing the ire of BOI chief J. Edgar Hoover. Dillinger was gunned down by federal agents while leaving the Biograph Theater in 1934.

The center figure is meant to represent Dillinger (note the monogrammed handkerchief), while the woman in red is Anna Sage who tipped federal agents to Dillinger’s planned theater visit. This was the first pinball project by John Youssi, who created the original concept art though Dave Christensen ended up reworking the art significantly prior to production.

- Chris Rummell

Donated by: William White

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