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Pacific  Pinball Museum League Night!


Where: The Pacific Pinball Museum, 1510 Webster Street, Alameda, Ca 94501.

When:  Wednesdays beginning at 6:30 PM. Four seasons per year (10 weeks total per season). Attend a minimum of three regular sessions to qualify for Finals. Start dates are announced on the Bay Area Pinball website, Pacific Pinball Facebook Page and Pacific Pinball League Facebook page.


Entry: FREE for PPM Members and only $10 admission with seasonal League card. Plus, you’ll get $10 admission for any other day you’d like to visit for practice during the season.

How to Join: Just show up on any league night!

Who: The league is open to all ages and skill levels, even first-timers. We’ll show you the basics and even some advanced skills!

How Does It Work?: Each league night players compete head-to-head or in groups in Match Play, Pin Golf or another format. A player can earn up to 16 points per evening. For example, in match play, a player would be placed in a group of four and play four Rounds. First place in a Round would earn 4 points, 2nd place would earn 3 points, and so on.

Your ranking is based on your total score. Also, players with the better attendance records will get first choice of game or player order in formats where the option is available.

The League meets Wednesdays and starts at 7 PM.  You can show up as early as you like to practice or learn some new pinball skills.  It’s not a problem if you can’t make a league night but you must attend three regular season meetings to play in the Finals.

Annual Memberships and Gift Certificates are available

over the phone (510) 769-1349.

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