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Rules and Policies

We strongly encourage masks/face coverings for all visitors inside the museum, regardless of vaccination status.


Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

Admission gets you IN & OUT all day until closing time! 


All games & juke boxes inside the museum are on “Free Play’’ - no coins needed.

Lobby games are “coined” and cost money to play. There is a change machine available.

The Historical Games behind the yellow chain are for viewing only. These are Pre-Flipper games, mainly from the 1930’s and early 40’s. Our oldest game is from 1887!  Reading material is available for more information.


Woodrail games are “Manual Loaders” which means that you must push the bottom plunger IN yourself to load each ball. Please PLAY ONLY ONE BALL AT A TIME on these games. 

PLEASE FINISH THE GAME THAT YOU START. Please keep small children from pushing the start button and walking away. Mind your children at all times.


Please remember we are a museum, and not an arcade. There is no running, slamming, hitting, kicking or rough housing allowed on the games (or people for that matter).

Please do not put drinks, candy or belongings on games. Please help keep the museum tidy for all to enjoy!

Please do not block doorways, hallways and fire exits with strollers, chairs or stools. Safety first!


NO GAME CAMPING! We ask that you play a game no more than twice if people are waiting-or join in a multi-player game.


There is no outside food or alcohol allowed.  Our In & Out policy lets you go and explore neighborhood parks, stores, bars and eateries.  

Commercial photography, tripods, video equipment, light stands, etc. are not allowed during business hours without a scheduled appointment and prior written consent by the Pacific Pinball Museum.

Personal snapshots are allowed- please credit the Pacific Pinball Museum on all social media platforms!


Please let a staff member know about stuck balls, restroom mishaps, spills or other problems that may arise during your stay-We are here to help!


Pets & Emotional Support Animals are not recommended. The loud noises and crowds are not a suitable environment for these gentle friends. Service animals are OK.

There is a city-run metered parking lot behind the museum on Santa Clara street.  The museum entrance is around the corner on Webster street. Please secure your valuables!

Drunk, disorderly & aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Vandalism and theft will result in immediate ejection from the museum. Security cameras are installed & monitored in every room.


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