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Shoo Shoo

Artist: George Molentin

Shoo Shoo

In the 1950’s circuses were still a very popular form of live entertainment. They would come to town, then be gone in a matter of days. Under the big top, in the waiting room, three ladies prepare to take their turn to perform. The clown is making the announcement while women swing from trapezes in the tent.

Could Shoo Shoo be the name of one of the characters? The name Shoo Shoo may be an inside joke by pinball innovator Harry Williams, who told pinball historian Russ Jensen that Shoo Shoo was the name of his dog at the time. There’s also a French term of endearment or affection, “choux choux,” which could be at the root of this curious name.

- Melissa Harmon

Donated by: Elizabeth Gheleta

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