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How Far Can We Reach?

Your Donations Are Tax Deductible!

The Great Depression of the 1930’s gave us comic books, Hollywood’s golden age, and pinball - escapism for the weary masses of America. Through the last century and up to today, pinball has been here when times are tough, answering the call for entertainment, art, and distraction from daily tribulations.

Since 2004, the Pacific Pinball Museum has proudly offered a hands-on experience with this uniquely American pastime. No other museum provides patrons access to the variety of playable machines from different eras, in-depth exhibits, artworks and docent-led educational tours. Pacific Pinball Museum ranks on an international level as an important cultural archive of an overlooked genre and a pillar of the San Francisco Bay Area museum community.

Far from an arcade, the Pacific Pinball Museum

gives back to the community in meaningful ways:

  • Donating over $10,000 worth of Family Pass gift certificates in 2018 & 2019 to help raise money for other non-profit charities and schools.

  • Hosting over 40 Field Trips this year for schools, youth groups, churches, and senior citizen facilities who learned how much pinball can teach us about science, history, and art. 


To continue our service to the community and help maintain

pinball’s historical richness, we need your assistance! 

In this coming year, we are taking on new challenges to build upon the momentum and success we've earned over the past 20 years. Maintaining a world-class collection of historic machines, delivering top-notch exhibits and hosting 30,000 guests every year takes hard work, capable staff, and a budget to match.

Your tax deductible donations will

support initiatives like these:

  • Expanding the capabilities of our workshop facility, allowing us to repair and restore more games for display and play in the museum.

  • Designing and fabricating new science exhibits and establishing a STEAM learning center in the museum.

  • Upgrading our infrastructure and further deepening the visitor experience in the museum.

Help support the Pacific Pinball Museum’s
mission with your tax deductible donation

Please Donate to the Pacific Pinball Museum

501c3 Non-Profit and help us REACH!


Click on the link below to be redirected to our PayPal donation page.

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