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Thank You!

Dear Donor,

The Pacific Pinball Museum is so grateful to you for your gift to help further our mission to inspire an interest in art, history and science through pinball, and to preserve and promote this important part of American culture. Your gift tangibly helps keep our unique collection available to yourself and guests from all over the world to enjoy and experience. Seeing that you and others value our work connects us as a community, united by a commitment to keep vintage pinball machines available for future generations to play, share and learn from.

How far can we reach?

The longer we do this work, the more we realize how special our mission really is. More and more, people are looking for new ways to learn and connect, and the Pacific Pinball Museum creates the space to do this and more. There is no one singular experience, but we hear many interesting and heartfelt pinball memories from our patrons on how this unique game inspires such nostalgia and passion. 

Thank you for backing us, and we hope you feel the Pacific Pinball Museum belongs to you. Without you, and the love and support of the thousands of people who come and visit us every year, we couldn’t make this possible.


With immense gratitude,

d’Arci Bruno, Director

The Pacific Pinball Museum

EIN#  20-2467607


Many employers will generously match employee contributions: please check with your employer to see if they have a corporate matching gift program.

For your records: Your donation amount and date confirm will be the paypal receipt you receive in your email

This letter may also be printed to serve as a record of your donation in addition to the PayPal receipt emailed to you. No goods or services were provided, in whole or in part, for this contribution.


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