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Visitor Machine Review

All information about the manufacturer, designer, artist, and production year will be put in afterward. If the game has already been reviewed, there's a chance your review will not replace the first.

PRO TIP - This review is quite long. Please read through the review process first. Take a look at which machnes are available for review. It might be a good idea to type your long answers out first in a separate document and paste your answers in the survey to avoid losing your information.

Machine Name


This is a mandatory element of the review that will rate the game in 4 key areas, so players will know what to expect from each machine. Any information or opinions that don't factor into these rankings will have a place in the overall review at the end of the survey.


How well is the playfield designed and decorated? Is the backglass especially detailed, colorful, or elegant? Is the cabinet itself a work of art? Maybe the style is unique, or a good reflection of the era it was made in? If it has a digital display, then how are the animations?

How would you rate this machine's aesthetics?


Is this game better solo or as a competition? Does it have story progression or a task to complete? How does scoring work? How long will the average play-through last? Is there a skillshot or sweet-spot for the ball launcher? How much does player input really matter, and to what degree is it a luck-dominated game?

How would you rank this machine's GAMEPLAY?


Though this is really an aspect of the gameplay, some first-time players may prioritize a game’s ease of play and learning curve. The difficulty factor covers how easy it is to lose a ball, how hard it is to “beat” the game and earn a replay credit, and how clear the player’s goal is.

How would you rate this machine's DIFFICULTY? 


Was this machine a “first” in some way? Does it have a special story or iconic role in media? Did it subvert expectations, or exemplify standards? Who played this game when it was made, and did it know its audience? 

How would you rate this machine's HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE? 


Your review may be edited or altered. Are there any other comments you would like to make about this particular machine? Is there any fun trivia? If reviewing a difficult game maybe give a mini-walkthrough of the main goal or a quick tip. 

Thanks for submitting your game review!

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