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Macy's/Crowdrise Campaign for a permanent facility!

Macy's shop for a cause

Join us for our four week Challenge through Macy's and Crowdrise/GoFundMe. This is a friendly competition with national non-profits as we seek funds for a permanent facility to house, restore and view our magnificent collection of rare, exiting pinball machines.

The Pacific Pinball Museum has now become the steward of over 1500 rare and vintage games, many saved from private collections and landfills. We are now willingly saddled with this great responsibility; a responsibility to show, house and restore these marvels of innovation and history. Theses are not just games…these are part of our American heritage, and we don’t want that to be lost.

Here is a partial breakdown of costs:

• $25 - Buys cleaning supplies for one month in the museum

• $50 - Buys 100 fuses for pinball machine repair

• $75 - Buys one month stock for our vending machines

• $100 - Buys one tank of gas for our delivery truck

• $150 - 100 square feet of storage space

• $250 - Buys meals for volunteers

• $500 - Buys museum supplies such as, electric cords, light bulbs, foot pedals, printing costs, etc.

• $1000 - Electricity for one month at the museum

• $1200 - Repairs and maintenance for two pinball machines for one year

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